My Love Saturday

Poem By David Pyrs

It’s just a day they say,
My love, Saturday.

A relationship of certainty,
For, when I am there, so is she.

She might be hot or cold as Ice,
Yet whenever I am here, so is she, without surprise.

My Saturday will wait for me,
As long as I live brave & free.

When tired, she will have mercy,
When charged, she will set me free.

When in love,
she won’t envy.
When in pain, she won’t leave me.

One day will come, When I won’t greet,
Not her warmth, not her nights, not her sunshines nor miss her sights.

One day will come, When she is alone.

Not lonely, yet without me!

One day will come, When I will fly,
Not a little, but heavens high.

She might join me, remember me, cry for me or just watch me.

It might be a day, Just a day,

For me…
She is my love.,
My Saturday.

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