My Love That You Know

The bad decisions,
All the mistakes.
Can't I just take it all away?
I am hurting you evey day,
Taking the soul I have left- away.
My heart says one thing,
My mind says another,
Why can't they just agree together?
For once I just want to feel completley sure,
That I can be everything I need to be,
Everything you want me to be,
And everything that makes me-me.
I am sorry for what I have done,
But- im glad that our life together has begun.
You saved my life,
You brought me back to light,
Why do have to leave one another every night?
And end the beautiful time we spend together,
I will leave the stuff behind,
That ruined my life time and time again,
If you promise to love me,
Hold me,
Never let me go.
I just want you to feel the same,
I just want to say-
I love you so.

by Monica Lynn Mason

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