My Love, Why You Worry? .............

The cry of your inside heart, I can hear
and there is no brightness in your face either
Your eyes are red and dropped with tears
You can lie me by saying nothing wrong
but now I have known you so long
You are my soul made where my love is stored
I can not see your heart is tearing with your pain
You should not hide anything from me
I am here to help you in every way you want
Because I love you so much and care for you
Being inside four walls does not bring you anything
Unless, you open your heart and speak to me
I can heal your burning sorrow with my love
I can bring you out from hiding behind your loneliness
Remember, my love on you is an endless ocean
and I will sail along with your sorrow and pain
until your heart is fills with happiness and joy

by Ravi Sathasivam

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