Bit Green....

There is always the black sheep
in the fields
and in our hearts
on the peep

I create
my own heart-wrenching worlds
why should a man ever worder border me

not his
or hers

sweet smell
instantly fades away

sweeter say
in dismay

sweetest love
beyond all love
closest to divinity
just you and me
artistic view upon thee

once beautiful
forever beauty, magical

I'm a poet
loves to create,
from playground till real estate
these words do resonate

my own world
my own words
and all my words
used afterwards

there is always that black sheep
in our fields
on the peep

there is always that bit green thought
in our hearts
on the wrought

a softening
for the shattered soul
I thank Thee God
my body whole....

Photography and Design by Sylvia Frances Chan
"Navarra", Doetinchem, the Netherlands.

© Sylvia Frances Chan
Copyright Protected

by Sylvia Frances Chan

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nice poem. God is great
Nice poem! Aldo Kraas
There is no greater than God's love for mankind. Nicely written. Thanks for posting. :)
God's love is always special. Wonderful poem on love. Chandan
Love is life
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