My Love, Your Love

My Love is patient and sincere,
And it’s faithful, and humble, and strong.
Your Love helps me to overcome fear
And anything that could be bad or wrong.

Mine stands everything and makes me tough,
And will protect you against loneliness,
Yours never lets me down and isn’t rough,
It’s like a beacon, a lighthouse in darkness.

My Love and your Love penetrate each other;
Sometimes they are full of pain or sorrow,
But they put roots into our hearts for ever,
And they still remain amazed. Let them grow…

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Comments (3)

great love poem.........
For a heartfelt albeit unchallenging Sunday morning read, this did it for me. I think it is rather touching.
I suggest that you go read some love poems by established poets to see how it's done. Your poem is heartfelt but hardly original. Sorry.