My Lovely Dad, Rest In Peace.

A tall lanky man,
My soulmate, Was a life changing,
once in a lifetime, Dream come true.

Amazing person,
Talks like a peace giving leader,
Made me feel like a luckiest man alive.

Brevity in his gravity,
He taught me when to surrender,
A thunder like me calmed down,
my Lovely Dad, Rest In Peace.

Inside me away from seashores of my shells,
I will always remember, His kindness,
Love, prosperity, and courageousness.
Little day in short time, an eclipse day came.

Was dark and down, little light was a sign,
you quickly jump off, we lost you next night,
Don't expect to forget, No last word you got.
I will never site-down and wait.

always work hard to reach your height,
that's why, God is always my sight,
spends day with me in mid of a forest.
My Lovely Dad, Rest In Peace.

once again say: R.I.P, Forever.(Bonane Emmanuel)

by Fred B Kagame

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