My Lover

Poem By Trailakya Roy

I'm unexpected to this now
The youthful chivalry has gone.
No one to cheer, no one to love
Family, friends, I have none.

I am unmatched with time
But someone still wants me
And sincere and careful too,
Death, forever young is he.

He knows the remedy of all pains,
Whether of body or mind,
I rejected his offer time and again
But I know he didn't mind.

He doesn't look at my face,
He can't bear the pains I suffer
His love is most unconditional,
So he gives 'Come with me' offer.

But this time I will not reject,
Most selfish I'm, but he will cure.
I need the panacea of his touch
To go for the eternal sleep, sure.

Comments about My Lover

.A nice poetic imagination, Roy. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks.

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