My Lover My Friend

I wish you are near my love
I wish my best friend take my hand
I wish we stay for a while
and give it one more try
you are the one who knows my sadness
you are the one who makes me smile
my love my best friend i love you
but i guess you don't know why
you are there always for me
to give me a boost when I'm down most
you are the reason i can go on
my love my best friend please tell if i must let ypu know
my feelings i cant hide anymore
my eyes are crying hiding from your sight
will you love me the same as i do
will you feel the love my heart has for you
Everyday life looks empty...nothing
when you are far my love my best friend
Exciting loving longing ever nurturing
when you hug me and smiling
my love my best friend
just you i am waiting
because long before its you I'm wanting

by Eleonor Santiago

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