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My Lover & My Friend
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

My Lover & My Friend

Poem By Rachel Fogle

Never have I known someone whom gives me peace such as this.
With him I feel alive in away no words even find such bliss.
And even when we part and its time for him to leave.
Still I feel him with me, ever fleeting, every kiss.

My lover & My friend a new way for me.
A moment in my life in which I feel free beyond all years.
There are times when I linger and guilt leads me astray.
Then I remember him laughing or holding what we share.

There is beauty that you see when you look out-side your door.
There is comfort that we find in things that mean little when you need more.
Yet there is beauty that one finds that goes beyond heart and mind.
There is comfort that we share that can never be equaled or compared.

Every moment I share with him,
Gives me so much more then I knew.
And even when its over,
My life will still feel anew.
It will pain me to let him go.
For he brings such peace to my heart.

But my Jay bird is like an eagel that forever flies in his heart and mine.
To hold him would hinder his purpose in this world.
For in his years he has learned things,
That allows his journey to continue on.
He has felt all the harseness in this world that make other men weak.
He has stepped upon the circle of life that most don't this soon reach.

And yet he still finds passion and love in moments that bring us joy.
He finds a reason to keep on living with the love of his child that gives him his voice.

Most would think me crazy for allowing him to touch my heart.
But at the end of this journey,
I will have known a passion and understanding that neither will ever part.

He will be a memory and a whisper forever with me each day.

Because in him I found answers that I needed and never could ask the questions in the end.

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