My Loving Sister

In my road of life
My beautiful angel
Crossing this road-
What say? ?
About ma loving star...

My loving star;
Being a sweet blossom,
Allows to take her honey
Of love, thoughts and freedom..
By this lil beee

A pearl, ruby or diamond?
Or that sun reflect wide expanse of sea?
Shall be the scenic rain! !
What say, dear? ?
About your love, smile and affection

I stand for you,
Like waiting for the sun
For the shadow of warmth..
Ready to give
Anything for that! !

Though didnt spend many hours,
I need your presence,
Till my breadth
Twinkling as always
As my sis! ! !

by Aishwarya Premkumar

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Comments (3)

Great poem, very loving and delicate portrayal of love for a sister! Love it! Have six sisters of my own, your poem touched my heart!
Beautiful! ! I love the way u portrayed it, keep it up my dear
This is Pretty Cool Aishwarya, sweet and remarkable....i did remember the word 'Road of life'..i did wrote this before to my friend, and some lines really bring back my memory about my friend...overall what i can say it such beautiful writing..what a sugar ink u got hahaha...well i think u need to change name at ur last line. 'sissy' is not sound good but sis much better...the word sissy just this poem_Unwritten SOul