My Lucky Day

So beautiful the day
That day when we first met
I knew the gods had smiled on me
And that I'd not forget
The lovely afternoon you came
Into that small cafe
You wore a brown velvet beret
I saw you through the window
My heart did a flipflop
I waited and I held my breath
To see if you would stop
I was seated in a corner booth
The jukebox playing low
I turned as I felt the air
Stir as you closed the door
I dared to speak and ask your name
You smiled and said: "Monique"
I knew I'd want to change your name
To mine within the week
Your brown eyes danced so gaily
Your laughter young as Spring
Your hands so white and soft to touch
I checked; there was no ring!
You gently sat beside me
Skyrockets whirled above
I steeled myself to stay composed
I knew that this was love
A love so sweet it had to last
Or else I could not stand
My knees were shaking til I braced
Them with my trembling hands
I felt the wonder and the joy
I saw that this was fate
I realized my dream had come
And I would have my mate
My lucky day in early May
Still leaves me all amazed
At how by chance and happenstance
I found you for always

by Eilene Meadors

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