Kiss Me Quick 1975

Kiss me quick hats
ice creams
screams of seagulls

smell of sea
ships on the horizon
of the sea

smell of salt
and bodies nearby
sweating in the sun

kids laughing
having fun
and I lay

with Mrs Ford
on the beach
she combing my hair

talking about
her husband
how he sniffs

after girls
and beds
whom he can

I watch the sea
and waves
and smell the sun lotion

and sense her
near me
remembering that night

in London in that
cheap hotel
bedding away

until light of day
she talking
in her manner

her husband's deeds
on her lips
and I wanting

her again
even on the beach
in broad daylight

but being sensible
and at ease
will wait until night.

by Terry Collett

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..............a beautiful poem, maybe this poem was a song in the 1500's ★