with empty churches
and no moral lessons
taught at home.
Parental guidance,
too engrossed in self
and magic picture shows.

young minds
grow without
guardianship or care,
no guidance given,
no ethics, discipline,
no moral code,
to help guide
their future life.

peer pressure wins the
battle for young minds.
Each young spirit lost
one less soul banked
for future of our world.

now cowled,
hides intent,
young conscience, no
rights or wrongs
scruple fires are cold, no
fuel, no nourishment,
nothing taught, so
many souls now dead.

can we afford to loose?
Young talent not
nurtured, gives out
no creative promise!
So much waste, so
much promise lost.

graffiti walls in the
art schools of the street,
that give expression
to the secret codes,
that mean a
gang of sameness,
the belonging makes
them strong.

experience and feel,
The pain of indifference,
The pain of boredom,
The pain of misunderstood,
The pain of defiance and
The pain of guilt.

needs a potion,
intoxicant prescribed,
to alleviate the pain,
makes life exciting.
so they do not care,
they laugh, they make
a noise, make trouble,
so we’ll notice them.

hope for future lives?
Same values taught,
by those already lost,
same sad intent, still
no book of ethics, still
no principles, no guide
or moral code.

means a slow but
gradual decay,
a mould, a rust,
a deterioration, that
never stops, it erodes
the soil, the growth of
future births: descendent
families still to come.
The rot just multiplies.

by Bob Blackwell

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I love poems thanks for sharing.Thomas Wyatt poems n earl of surrey
This is great one thought provoking and good creations!
Now cease, my lute; this is the last Labour that thou and I shall waste, And ended is that we begun. Now is this song both sung and past: My lute be still, for I have done. Nice work. Enjoyed the poem. Thanks for sharing the poem. Subhas
To perform the last labour! ! Nice piece of work.
This is a poem of despair in a double sense: The poet has despaired of the possibility of happiness in love with his true love, and he will give up music, poetry and performance because they would not sway her.So he is announcing publicly he is giving up both love and art. Renaissance poets were always dramatizing their emotions in a very public way. But as Hamlet affirmed, I HAVE THAT WITHIN WHICH PASSETH SHOW.
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