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My Maha Rani On Rajdhani Express

New Delhi train station
Waiting for you with much devotion
The signal is down and the light is green
Rajdhani Express is around the bend, can be seen
It is carrying my Maha Rani, the precious one
An awesome beauty, joy for ever an eternal fun
Fluffy cloud, shadow dancing over the sandy terrain
Flock of stork, flying, calling each other now and then
I see you my love, through the window
Dear Reza, Totan and Nanu Bhai sweet Nawal are waiting below
Blue saree with gold work wrapped around your waist
Ear rings dazzling with rainbow colors, look at their best
The ruby ring and the golden slipper, lit up the fire on you
What a sight, you are a crowd stopper, what a magnificent view
Your hair flying, what a shape, what a form, a heavenly sight
Maha Rani, glowing like the full Moon among the stars at night
I saw you walking thruogh the crowd, they moved and made the way
How pretty she is, who is she? you froze the moment of the day
You got in the car, drove off leaving the dust behind
You are my Maha Rani Neela, I worship you, you are one of a kind

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