WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

My Maiden In Waiting

From hither came a sound roaring in temperate pastures
To keep at bay soldiers ponder not for shall we wake the beast
Beating back impulses the monster as risen from the lair
Swooping down on the innocent villagers he flew
The dragon lurks while the Maiden slumbers in her keep
Pasty butterfly wall the snake shall creep
One sting lay the maiden fair will capture

Valiant the black knight charges to slay the beast
With tender hands, she embraces the serpent anaconda king
Lollipop dreams and cream fill cake to bake we make
Stirring in strawberry fields echo such sweetness be

Vaguely she remembered, from her distant past, her flower erupts with feelings
Ride the dragon ride by and by she cries in joyful nuisance
Withdrawing the black knight tasted the cavern fruit she lays
Like and ice cream melting in the sun he devours her fruit of her passion

In circular motion, his speech apparatus moves as she moans
Soft and wet slow the motion for now rivers run true
Contrivance protrudes sipping sweet nectar from the vine
She twists and turns while the dragon burns and yearns the fruit of her womb

She screams and scratches the Black Knight's back as he feast on Joyful fruit
Contentment no more can stand she braces for the dragon's penetration
The dragon swims deeper and deeper to crevasses untouched by mortals
She calls out his name "Sir Knight! Sir Knight! Well, your labor be! "
Grabbing the knight, yon maiden pulls him in even deeper than before

Spreading her joy wide enters the dragon to warm waters
Sliding back and forth to a perfect fit, the dragon roars as the body trembles
Scream maiden screams as the dragon penetrate the fertile soil
Motions blurring as the battle grows ever fierce
She pulls him deep, tighter with every member thrust
Crying out in the night as tensions come to ecstasy
Sweet release the monster sleeps

As the night fades to dawn the black knight leaves a rose to signify his love
Having never felt such passion the maiden bestow her love
Mint chocolate and vanilla cream taste lingers in dwelling
Delectable fruits eaten to fulfillment desires

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Rudyard Kipling


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