My Man Who Returned Late One Night

The door seems wide ajar,
The clock is ticking faster every hour.
I have heated the food twice,
But I don’t seem to hear the car.

His cell phone is not reachable,
I always told him it wasn’t durable,
But the worry of mine is not known to him,
I keep staring at the empty table.

I called his office, he left hours ago,
He couldn’t have been driving so slow,
Is he somewhere he should not be,
Why is my mind going in the wrong flow?

I hear the horn and rush to the door,
I need to ask questions on my heart that I bore,
I have bad vibes in my empty mind,
I wish he was hurt instead of being with a whore.

He came in all exhausted and pale,
I can’t wait to hear his fake tale,
He looks into my eye and says,
“I wasn’t where you think to be…I am not another husband who’d fail”.

I raised my eyebrow and asked where he was,
What could so important that could make me cross,
He said he had lost his job today,
I open mouthed stared at his loss.

I hugged him and saw the tear in his eye,
It was there to let know it wasn’t a lie,
I was relieved but knew he was badly hurt,
How could I doubt my love, my guy?

That day I swore, I wont cross that thought ever during a fight,
Whether he was completely wrong or right,
My love would never lessen a bit for him,
For my man who returned late one night.

by Radhika Karia

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Hope ur love stays the same forever,10/10 from me for this lovely poem.