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My Master, My Life
LO (01.04.1974 / England)

My Master, My Life

Poem By Li'l One

So many will never understand me
If you know me you know I can be shy
But if you really know me
You know the life
I have managed to live thru & survive
And the strengh it has given me
And that I can be a fiesty bitch
When the need arises

It surprises so many then
That I am a slave
And submit myself to the domination
Of my Master

But why are they are so surprised
For I love passionately
I love with all my heart and soul
And it will always take a great man
To tame and claim this great heart of mine

When he comes along
He will demand the highest
And upmost respect
For it is what I demand to
As they say
A happy slave is one
That happily kneels before her Master
And whispers of her love for him.

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