Environment 3 - Return Home To Nature

Return home to Nature to
Recognize your true identity,
Re-unite with Nature to
Re-live the splendours of Nature's serendipity!

Tune in with Nature with
Tenderness and kindness,
Treat the flora and fauna with
Tender feelings of love and care!

Feel the sensation of the brown earth on your feet,
Feel the feather touch of leaves on your fingers,
Feel the sensitive kiss of petals on your cheeks,
Feel the heavenly mountain breeze on your body!

Hug the trees with joy,
Hear them sing a silent melody,
Hang your woes and worries far away,
Heal the world with sublime thoughts!

Invite the birds to visit your garden,
Invite them to share your breakfast,
Invite the stars to look down and smile.
Invite Nature to share your life with them!

by Dr. Geeta Radhakrishna Menon

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please keep writing your thought provoking gems
What a remarkable poem...truly wonderful, Thanks for sharing cheers Jon
this is a mind boggler.........what a writes...........
way to capture several philosophical views in such a short poem!
The mind is a rather ethereal thing. Where does it reside exactly? Does it reside completely in the bioelectrical sponge called the brain? I like your thought of the 'mind without substance ransacking the inner universe, building taste and forms' for that is what an active mind does. It tears down existing structures into composite parts and recatagorizes them as it forms new structures. And you are right that all in all you throughout the process one is building soul and taste. Thank you for a thought provoking write!
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