TP (10/05/1965 / Des Plaines)

My Mind 2

I have, trouble with my mind
In time,
I forget all I truly love

All the ones who have helped me
Over the years,
All the ones who have stood and cheered,

When in time of self-doubt's
Lacks judgment to stand but rather than,
Stays curled up in a gutter of muck or

Rat infested floor of a cold home,
Where the heating bill was long past due,
Without a clue, how to escape the current situation

One Minute I'm fine,
Spin spin spin
Then turn on a dime,
Losing all notion of time

Just like that something snaps,
Unheard reaction jolting white sheet,
Sheening glare creeps out and loud

Then and there it's back again,
Whatever this shiit is, that robs your memories and takes your pride
Leaving you sneering and scared
For I know I forget all I have ever loved;
Not just people, but
Actions and events, talents and traits

Just lost, like an eraser over a chalkboard

I have written about this before, in other poetic works
Such as

It's All Love and
My Fear

The Pain of Truth: Alzheimer and
The Love Is Still Here

Also bits of other works

So look at the other ones
Then maybe you'll be able to see what I'm saying
When I say "Without your memories, you lose who you are"

T. Plotz
My Mind 2
24 December 2017

by Thomas Plotz

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