DL (2/3/87 / Middlesbrough)

My Mind In Mad Dog Blues Has Flipped

Stale and paling stares surround
The clown upon the sweating ground
His mask slow dripping out of place
A relic of the human race.

All time is lost when time is found
And crawling there without a sound
In wisdom he shall keep his faith
And maybe one day find his face.

The wax has dripped
The surface slipped
My mind in mad dog blues has flipped
And left here gripped
Ripped and stoned
I build my throne of human bone
I cry I sigh and try to fail
I sail the seas I wish to sail.
I am the lord of destiny
As life it lives inside of me
I am of divine nature here
I am as one with love and fear
And hope it breathes inside of me
The pain of love is ecstasy.
I run beneath the burning yoke
Choking on a smokers joke
I laugh I take another toke
And fantasy is mine.
The beast I am of serpent tongue
The gremlin feeding on the young
The love of life and life is mine
Love beyond the realm of time

The hanging gardens await.
There birds of prey sing in softer tones.

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Fantastic poem david