AG (8-02-1990 / Thomasville, Georgia)

My Mind (Rap)

(hook) No rules, where free is free, like i wanna be ya dig, no lockdown 24/7 only in my mind where you cant reach me

(verse 1) Everything you ever seen is what you always wanted but never could touch what you couldnt pay for man that hurt when your pockets are hurt and man that sucks when friends start looking like enemies but like they say who could have ever known that we'll be back here in this room again like turning through pages like driving ms.daisy making me go crazy and this 9 to 5 aint simple and it aint working out for me so take me away where the heavens begins and i can be free as i wanna be
To define what life should of been, could of been instead of what it is alrerady is just look back on your past maybe you should have saved your cash instead of trying to be a high roller but instead you lost your wealth and now your in debt (who cares) what the people say you, your own so act like it cause at the end its just you and in the begining it was just you, all in your mind doing what you wanna do
Tell em this, that aint all, tell em this if you ever felt like the walls coming down on you but you dont have a clue which way to go, go to your mind and reminensce on them times that was more than a memory
D.J Twan

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