My Mind Wanders

My Mind Wanders

laughter seems like clanging bells
in the corridors of the mind

smiles are charades of games people play
as they look at you with judgements of dismay
costumes of pretending hang ever ready for a theatrical show
while actors play heartstrings dangling at the curtain call

wondering through eyes clouded with emotion
if truth sheds a tear
or if by chance, all is but a dream in someone elses head
could it be a masqurade on this lonesome road?

I imagine a place of friendship
where truth can be like sunshine
warm and bright somehow
a place that shines like a beacon, dividing facts from fantasy
in a land that is foreign
I am rooted without choice of my own

I've heard there is a place where life is not like this
where I will not know pain nor heartache
and tears will never tear again
a place for harmony is not musical

' for the music is the lamb '

by Myrtle Thomas

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I heard of that place too, Myrtle. I look forward to living there. Thanks for sharing