My Minds Eye

I carried a picture of her in my mind,
knowing one day, her I would find,
the years sped along, how they did fly,
as I searched for the woman, in my minds eye,
she was a perfect picture, not too fat or too thin,
she's always smiling, on her face is a grin,
just what she is thinking, you can't really tell,
but the wheels are turning like a bat out of hell,
she is a hard worker, resilient and strong,
to me she is perfect, she can never do wrong,
she is not only pretty, but she is so smart,
when I first met her, she grabbed onto my heart
she has a compassion that money can't buy,
she is so perfect in my minds eye,
I finally found her, and I knew what to do,
so I wrote this poem, for my TERRIE SUE.

by Harry Bryant

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This is lovely...keep writing. Thank you.