My Minds Eye's

Yes I see the trees
The flowers and bees
Birds and all insects
Where ever they are
In the trees also on the
ground I can pick them out
ever so sound even on the wind in flight.
I can also see the farmers busy in their fields
and can hear the purr of their tractors in the breeze.
I can see the sheep and their lambs jumping around them
frolicking about for you see its spring
and all of life has come to life again
for in winter nothings the same but even in winter
I can see the snow and see and hear the children playing about
making a snowman no doubt.
I can see and feel the warmth of my fire
as I sit in my night attire
Waiting to go to bed yet again
but its been a lovely day and I settle back with my nightcap
and think what was the best things I have seen this day
and its got to be
when I saw and heard the children at play.

by Kenneth Gillion

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