My Miracle

When you were born
I was so full of a mothers joy
The doctor handed you to me
And said, it's a little boy

You were beautiful
Perfect hands and feet
Mommy's little boy
Couldn't wait for everyone to see

Not to long after
The doctor came to me
Said you were in trouble
You could hardly breathe

I couldn't stand to see
All the tubes and cords
My little baby was helpless
Watched over by the Lord

The doctor said I'm not sure
He can make it through
If you believe in God
This is the time if I were you

Everyone that believed
Had already begun to pray
Lord he belongs to you
On this special day

Days went by
I was there for every one
To hold my baby boy
Until he could come home

Eventually the day came
I heard the doctor say
Your Miracle can go home
Son, Happy 14th Birthday

For my son who is 14 today, April 1st
Happy Birthday Keenan

by Lagaya Evans

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