HAA (16/04/1993 / Kano Nigeria)

My Missing Queen

Oh my missing queen!
Where in the universe have you been?
Leaving no path to follow,
No single foot-step to trace;
Not just a goodbye to remember.

Oh my missing queen!
Still stand I,
Like a camel in the middle of sahara,
To cover thousand miles of sorrow;
Looking for nobody, but only thou.

Oh my missing queen!
There sounded a heavy knock in mind,
'Coz, thy placating smile ceased to exist,
Your bloody lips remain locked;
Saying no more sugary words.

Oh my missing queen!
Till when should I stay?
Perhaps millions years of loneliness,
But there still i'm, neither retreated nor surrendered;
'Coz, in loving thee I sacrify myself.

Oh my missing queen!
Missing you only I couldn't stand,
So if you are a proton,
Indeed, i'm an electron;
Physically to produce electricity.

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A kid in literature, i guess all of us are this kid. it's like a song, the melody in it flows fluently by the words.
Hello to all my fans this is my fist poem published in poemhunters.com and i wrote it after i missed my dear, so all critics, challenge and corrections are welcome because i'm just a kid in literature. Thanks.