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My Mistress
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My Mistress

She puts on her little black dress,
And the lipstick that I like her to wear
I enjoy it when other men stare,
She is my mistress.

For me she primps and does her nails,
And wears her romantic lingerie
She is a temptation to me in every-way,
As she is to all the other virile males.

If I am ever worried or depress,
I don't need or want a drink or two
I don't need to smoke or a tissue,
I have a pleasing mistress.

I have no more loneliness or dread,
I am now excited for each day to begin
Sadly though it begins with a sin,
When I awake she's in my head.

To all men and woman I will confess,
That I am a single man who enjoys sex
I don't want another girlfriend or another ex,
That is why I have a mistress.

She wears her sexy high-heels,
And her garter-belt and nylon hose
And for me she will tease and pose,
Only to me her true desires she reveals.

I relieve all of her pain and stress,
Caused by her husband a hateful male
She of course is a married female,
She is my needing mistress.

Randy L. McClave

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