RS (29/07/1970 / Sheffield)

My Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are a great invention that I can't do without
Yuppies in the 80's made them popular, the size of bricks they used to shout

Modern phones are sleek and slim and pleasing to the eye
Our voices linger in the ether as we say goodbye
Basic models are easy to use and also very cheap
Internet phones are more expensive so look before you leap
Lotto numbers and football results are sent to you by text
Email, Twitter and Facebook will keep you in touch, what will you send next?

Please turn off your phone when you are at the flicks
Hours of fun can be had when you get your phone and explore its bag of tricks
Orange, T-Mobile and Virgin spread the network wide
Nobody can stop modern technology, its advancing like a tide
Emergency situations your phone can be a life saver
So embrace the new technology, get advice from an expert and you will feel braver

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