My Mom

She'll be 81 on an October day
And with the Lord's help she may
Have many tomorrows
To looks back on this year's joys and sorrows She looks and acts so young and gay
Even with this year's price to pay
She's loved by her family all
Whether they be big or small. She has so much talent to share
Whether she's making a kitten, puppy or bear
She may be knitting, crocheting or sewing
And all of her family is knowing
When she's finished it could win first prize at the fair
And all of this talent she's willing to share. She's been a wonderful wife and mother
And couldn't be topped by any other
A wonderful Christian with a deep love of god in her heart
She always has so much to give I don't know where to start
About the wonderful mother she's been to my sister and I
Her love just seems to take hold and fly.

by Margie Bowhall

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