DW ( / Israel)

My Mom...Kkkiinndddaaa

she touched her belly and she never looked back
all she depended on were the clothes that she packed
no one could tell if she was scared or not
nobody knew what they thought.
'how could someone like her do this? '
the repercussions of just one kiss
maybe this baby was her destiny
but all she could ask was: why did this happen to me.
bearing the burden of a secret storm
when she decided the baby wouldn't be born
but then she felt that baby inside her kick
the thought of killing almost made her sick
now she stood firm with her decision to keep
even though the fear wouldn't let her sleep
back at school she was ostracized.
done with telling everybody lies
she was so thankful for the friends who stayed
but no one could steer her from being afraid.
she knew 9 months should go by fast
but her fear was forgotten at last
she looked into the eyes of her brandnew girl
promising the whole world to her
much later now as she reflects
she knows that it was just a test
and though she's had her share of doubts
her daughter's love is all that counts.

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real life, i feel in ur lines *10*
wow that was a beautiful poem. this is the kind of love that everyone wants from their mother. great poem.