~ My Mom’s Wedding ~

Humble submission: ~ India gives highest tribute to Motherhoodness. Women are considered as embodiment of Mother. Here in Poem Hunter I’d rare privilege to get all love, psychic solace and support from Mom Almedia. As I’m reared in Indian milieu it was not difficult for me to accept Ma’am Almedia as Mom [vide ‘OMNI PERVADING MOTHER’].

To quote Mom [23.10.10] ‘I will read one of your poems at my wedding dinner on the 7th of November… I'm wearing sori [sari] on my wedding day’.

by MS. NIVEDITA BAGCHI SPC. UK. Click to read full poem

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Falling love is innate and incurable Unchallangbly dependably durable There will be flowething bliss unstoppable The lines are superb. Nice poem.Thank you poetess.
Remarkable insight in this poem the measure of love in a culture that oozes with love for parents and a lesson about the sari worn meanings at weddings, you certainly are on top of the writing tree...regards
In humble submission poet gave highest honor to Sr. Poet Almeda and she [Almeda wrote, 'I'm wearing sori [sari] on my wedding day’.' I think it’s the greatest gift a poet can get from a woman who'll wear sori [sari]...typically Indian loin cloth in wedding day and will sing one of your poem in dinner [I envy you lol] Its highest honor you've shown in Indian style to Sr. Poet About contents of this poem it is unparallel and covered all aspect of wedding Please inform her about this poem ….we want to read her comment = feelings] ~ Regards PS May ask Poet how you entered into love-zone of a Sr. Poet?
Your adoption of every woman as universal mother shows your respect for all elderly woman, which is a rare quality. You have the blessings of universal mother always.
Yes, love is a divine irrepressible instinct.Savour love; bear all in life is a positive proposition sweetly presented.Thanks.
You have another winner here. I love the flow and thought. I think some of it is universal but, your introduction has taught me something new. Again great write really enjoyed it and thank you for sharing culture with me.
Clear expression of thoughts with a modern outlook is your strength
Unmeasurably well done. If love is so pleasant then why people burgain with the global treasures to measure a man. Why so do-s and dont-s are there....actually the sphere is a hotch-potch place....someone digest very well, someone are the everborn patient of indigestion. Almedia Knight is the right human I think who has given the honour to marraige as an institution. Yes, when the values are getting lost by the unbearable torture of electro-magnetic waves to crush our conscious level again to minimise as the prehistoric animals, then a man as a poet tries to make another legal bond with another poet as a human Oliver Claude (if not memory betrays) at her age 75. I congratulate their mission to keep as an example to the new generation who thinks already life is nothing but a momentum flash. Dear daughter of Honourable poet Almedia, your contribution is really superb. Put 10 to ten. Regards, pranab
Remarkably superb poem with calibrated emotions and excellent rhyme.