My Moment In Time.

When once you felt so empty no matter how much affection was taken in,
being told everyday that your love was a sin.
Surrounded by people, yet you feel completely alone,
how was it possible our love had grown?
To envision an image so strong it seemed even real,
this is something I never dreamt I’d feel.
Believing in a fantasy that could never come true,
I’ll never forget the day we swore we’ll see it through.
Having faith in the inconceivable slowly drifting between states of mind,
this was a day something astonishing I did find.
A rollercoaster of emotions passing through your body so powerful and fast,
I pray to a God I don’t believe in it will last.
No solace can be given no hope dared to restore,
the day I’d lose you I’d want my life no more.
So much to say but no words that make sense,
everyday fighting to overcome this emotional fence.
The disturbing fear that creeps into sight,
at the end of the tunnel you’re the only light.
To look into such soulful eyes and see the power of expectation,
being with you and only you gives my soul elation.
Trying so hard to be what they want, that trueness of honesty and love.
how dare I deny something blessed to me from above?
A special word spoken seeming so hard to say being to easy to capture,
making my body alive and full with rapture.
A moment of weakness and strength can’t compare,
to be isolated for our love is simply not fair.
As the tears form from knowing it will be so hard,
one thing I know we have is the strongest guard.
The day you looked deep into me and said Je t’ aime,
no such day has compared since then.
Never to forget that moment in time,
held onto for all eternity that moment was mine.

by Bernadette Rushfirth

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Nice... stay true to yourself all the time! Always. Athena
One of the most difficult things in life is to be true to one's self. Beautifully written. Oh, la la..