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My Moments
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

My Moments

When I think of you I smile its a habit I seem to have.
I see your face so clearly its like a lighted and guided path.
Moments that have given me pleasure in ways I can't express, Make me feel alive and cherished all because you have shown me this path.

When I think of you there is love there,
I had not really thought about it until its was mentioned in our time we shared.
I kind of placed it on the side, because our lives lead different ways.
Knowing that I could love some, but not in everyway.

I love you enough to know that your my friend in so many different ways.
I love you enough to know we must let go in the end.
I love you as a lover who's shown me many things, and who's allowed me to not feel lost and ashamed.

When our time comes to a close, which I hope will not be soon.
I love you enough to know it was
well worth it for you.

Not because I know your the one or because I think its meant to be.
But really mostly because of what you've given me.

When I think about what we've shared and what we've come to mean.
No one can ever take those moments or memories from me.

Even when other judge and look and see one side of the coin.
No one will ever know what its like to me cherished and adored.

When I ask myself many times now and along the way,
How will you let go when its time just be free.

And its the same as always,
I do not think of this often because then it would ruin our time.
It would take away the meaning that I have worked so hard to fine.

The only rhym or reason I can say is this,
I love you enough to know not to love you all the way.
I love you enough to know my heart can only go so far in this way.

You are a memory for my heart,
And a connection to my soul.
Even when all is said and done,
My heart will be yours to forever hold.

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Rudyard Kipling


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