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My Mommy You'Ll Be
KF (7/23/85 / Minnesota)

My Mommy You'Ll Be

Poem By Katie Finley

it falls gently now.
Pull back the brown threadbare curtains and press
my forehead against the pane.
it chills. ice cream
when I’m six—all a rush of blood
to the head.
headstands and looking at you,
my back on the bright pink comforter,
blonde eaten brown strands dangling
on the wood.
slow smiles on a rainy day,
languid and lazy, lapping
up the sound of raindrops on muddied pavement.
the worms worm their way
up to greet me,
panting and wheezing on brick.
push back my hood, stare up at the sky.
I’m six—
ice cream at baskin robbins,
clown cones of course, mint chocolate chip
and pink frosted smiles
it’s headstands and silliness and a bright pink comforter
you tell me a trudy
we say I’ll love you forever
I’ll like you for always
as long as I’m living

and I’m six—beads on the glass of the jeep
forehead’s on the pane
how beautiful the worms are. thinking of clown cones
and your beautiful pink frosted
smell of flour, wrist dancing, beating eggs and you you you.
as long as I’m living.

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I am in awe of the way that you write Kate. Your themes seem to be around the same issues (childhood) but the way that you have laid out your pieces is very much impressive and exposes a great confidence. Wonderful work I look forward to more in the future. I hope you will take as much care in writing them as you seem to have done with the three pieces you have posted so far.