Hold It Tightly Or You May Miss It And Get Marred Down

Yesterday I was holding her hand and moving ahead
Today when it's not in my hand I am feeling defeated.
Defeated in the fights that are part of our daily life.
All my vigor and energy is no more with me in my strife.

When I missed the opportunity to get it back is not known,
Of late also I don't the part which had I to her shown,
That made her to leave me alone, to weep and sob.
Now to know the reasons behind is my only job.

Getting many in return of her never be a compensation,
With anyone else I can hardly have any mental relaxation.
Will I destroy myself if I am unable to regain myself?
Part of myself that has gone with that lovely ourself.

Time has no answer to these problems of human beings,
It's not responsible for it, isn't ready to help our new innings.
Tide of unfavorable conditions is very high with mighty curves,
Something that asks earthly creature to rectify past to cross waves.

Can someone help me to cross over these life speed breakers?
Or is it that I have to do all my own reply to cunning mockers.
How so ever strong I pretend to be, I need the other part of mine,
That has helped me till this part of life to prosper and shine.

by siddhartha gaurav

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I am in awe of the way that you write Kate. Your themes seem to be around the same issues (childhood) but the way that you have laid out your pieces is very much impressive and exposes a great confidence. Wonderful work I look forward to more in the future. I hope you will take as much care in writing them as you seem to have done with the three pieces you have posted so far.