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My Mona Lisa
JP (26 Nov 1979 / Houston, Texas)

My Mona Lisa

Poem By Jason PraTT

The vixen of my inspiration - I have confessed now
Her brilliance in ardent design that is simply... her
Nothing too flaunting in her casual manner, still flirtatious
The right amount to compel, thus keeping distance - distinctly
I have said the word before, yet I will repeat for her emphasis
Brilliance! Brilliant, brilliantly beautiful; brilliantly speaking of she

My reasons for these lines are by my attempt of a shrine
Simply enhancing a jewel that hardly requires any assistance
Still, my thoughts of her, usually draws me seek the closet pen
Scribbling the words that yearn to recreate the settings we have shared
Ironically, nothing sexual is foreseen, except something more intimate
Rather to me, hince, her company that fulfills my desires, just the same

The vixen of my inspiration - I have confessed, once again
Knowing that easily I could rearrange our moments into something else
Something more viciously erotic, created within my mental approval
Woven into images that would have her as my voracious lover that I explore
Countless times before the eye of the moon, underneath the bathing starlit sky
But, this time I would rather express to her; my gratitude to her... for simply being her

So...thank you, for simply being you...

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