My Moon.

When I am shrouded in darkness,
When I no longer recognize light,
When I accept despair as my fate,
And pure, untainted sadness as my inevitability,
She appears.

She is the moon that illuminates my darkness.
The natural light that shines through all weather.
She is the cure to my depression,
The key to my happiness.
It is through her radiance that I can see.

She shines her love upon me,
Whether I am sad, angry, and even when I have already given up,
She grants me light, she grants me strength.
She is the reason I breathe, the reason I love.
Without her, I am no more than a blind fly in the middle of the Pacific.
Lost and hopeless, with no way home, and no light to guide me.

by Derrick Andrews

Comments (2)

Beautiful, and inspirational.
Lovely write! .. Although it reminds me of something I'd rather not speak of...