HP (08-07-1975 / Kansas)

My Morning Gift

I wake up before you every morning
just to catch a glimpse.. of the sunlight
as it soaks your body in all its glory
I watch the way the light and shadow
dance and play across your curves
I pay close attention as the sun
takes you in its warm embrace
how the heat makes you throw the covers back
the way its rays bring beads of sweat
to your writhing form as you stir from your slumber
the sweet beads of liquid clinging to your frame
slowly losing grip.. they slide down your form
caressing and lathering you in their journey
the sun's intense glare is making you uncomfortable
you mumble and groan under its intense gaze
your shapely leg kicks aside a pillow
as your body adjusts to the climate change
hair soaked and perfumed with the morning mist
you arch your back and stretch
muscles quiver beneath the effort
breasts drawn up and nipples erect
your little toes pointed towards the sky
every inch of you is bliss
all mine to dine on in the morning's light
I wake up before you every morning
just to catch a glimpse...

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