My Mornings

To my surprise my sweet
To my surprise
It is not a person changing their dream
Dreams change their people
They change me
And you are my dream my sweet
And this is where we meet

Is life so caring
To show us a door of pain
But to only strengthen our fingers
To open new ones again
It is us who are lucky
And it is you
I think of you now more than I thought of you then
Your eyes welded my hearts final pieces
And its cadence is stronger than it has ever been

And would it be the same if then
If your door was first
If my pain caused yours
Life is punishing, but thoughtful
Mine scorns the way it has torn you

I whisper to your soul
As I get lost in your eyes
You whisper back a smirk, a smile
And I think I will just lay hear a while
And these are my mornings

Pain has hidden my feelings
And though he is gone
They are still comfortably quiet
Detained with courage
They mourn for the perfect words
Like the ones dancing in my head describing you

I brush your soft skin
And then your shoulder
I watch it slightly jump to whatever beat your heart is singing
And mine beats with yours like tambourines
As I awaken just after my dreams
And these are my mornings

by Timmy Tubbs

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Wow. This is really beautiful.