My Most Beloved Best Friend

You are my most beloved and treasured best friend
whom I do anything for of which I can
and will give my whole life and everything for
forevermore the best I can because I adore
and love you for the treasure that you are.
God bless you my sweet girl as well as your
golden heart and soul which are beyond
all conceivable worth.
I love you and all that you are
and would give anything to be with you now.

You truly are my most beloved best friend
and only true love I want here by my side more than anything.
You are my Angel and northern star whom
I yearn and long for more than anything,
I ask you sweet one to return to me so very soon.
I truly love you my best friend and just want
to hold you so close to me,
I know you love me as I do you and want to help
heal your heart and help you see so much
of what you don't know or understand so you won't
be angry with me.
I know you won't when you see what I've worked on
and what it is that has so much troubled me.
I love you and know the Angelic heart and soul you have
and want to share all of our lives together for all time.
You are my one and I know what a gift you are my
most beautiful precious love and best friend.

Oh my dear and most beloved Kira you are my best friend
and you know that is no term I throw around.
I may call many the name friend but feel close to so few
and I feel closest to you my most faithful friend
and beautiful love I adore.
I must ask do you know how painful it is to be away
from you the only woman who I have let fully in
because I trust you and know your love to no end?
Do you know just how much you mean?
You are my Angel and my one,
my Queen and most beloved best friend.
Kira you are my everything and I will stand by you through all time
because you're all I want and all I need as one of
Gods most special Angels who loves me just as much
and cares for me just as I am.
You truly are a gem and I hope to help you
understand just what you mean to me your faithful man.

by Michael P. McParland

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