My Most Important Things

Poem By John Hazon Palen

You don't mean everything to me anymore
Not like the way it was ever before
Talk to the tears dropping on the floor
And tell me what you find and what's it for.

Days dragged on since you have been gone
Who that stupid girl was, this time she's strong
At last I see the light and I'm done
Done for whatever 'bout you for so long.

I don't need you, don't need you now
The reason why I long felt down
The cold breeze blows time after time..
But I am keeping warm somehow.

My days with you were sunny in disguise
But surely now the face in my mirror smiles
I still have my family 'round and Jesus Christ,
My most important things, I realize.

Comments about My Most Important Things

This was good. Initially I thought it was an ex but I see how it is your sister. You have talent and editers will use grammer and punctuation and spelling as a reason to throw our stuff away without even giveing it a chance. I am a bad speller so have no room to talk but you said you wish to make poetry a career so these are relative things.
(To all poets at heart and poem-lovers, I hope you'll see through this poem its meaning. This is still about my elder sister. Far away home, she currently feels like the wind is all against her. Ironically, I have written this poem in the midst of research work when I felt I needed to have a short break! Thank you, really, for reading ^_^ God Bless!)

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