My Left Foot

Who likes a foot?
Who wants to defeat
that foot?
Or both?
Unfortunately betrothed
to our feet
are we.
They carry us around.
Feet abound.
How can we
make them housebound
so they don't
follow us around?
The world is awash
with feet.
Ugh! !
Just remebered,
wash my left foot
as it's allright on the right.

by George BernardBloodyShaw

Comments (115)

I so much wish mummy that you were alive. We would have been so close. Love you mummy.
Sorry. The commitment should read 'I learnt this poem- - - '
Tolerant this poem some sixty years ago in junior school. It came to mind when a friend is thinking of writing something on motherhood. This poem is touching.
This work of ANN exposes many readers to how much they owe the one that was there for them at infant.
My mother is the most adorable woman on earth. Though my plan to read the poem for her on her silver jubilee went down the drain. But I will always read it as thanks for her love and care remains on my heart.
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