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My Mother
KH (2000 / pennsylvania)

My Mother

Poem By Kailee Heckathorn

I looked at her yearbook, such a funny thing
I saw her smile, then I looked away
She was thin and beautiful
Her face looked like an angel
Her eyes made me cry
Then her senior year... I saw a bulge in her small tummy
I choked
That was me
She smiled when she was friendly, she smiled when she was hit
It was almost as if her soul shown through her skin, she was a fighter
I never felt so warm when I saw her young face, she was happy, she felt no pain
She cared too much
Then...she injured her body, she slowly rusted to the soul
Her beauty remains while her mind is gone
All she knows is pain, pain, pain
If only I could take it away
She's clipped her own wings
But still she tells me how she wished she could fly
Now she has changed, she forgets, she doesn't admit
Then I throw a fit, where has my mom gone? Dear...she's still here but she can't hear you, said the whisper of her past.

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