My Mother- By A Nine Year Old

Poem By Mridin Govind

When the sea roared
And I groaned
A person came forward
trying to save me as I was being murdered
Was truly selfless,
Anyone could guess
She was my true companion
Not only fun
Hell, Earth and Heaven
Belonged to one woman
Who is my companion,
To whom I give love in tons
Who is she?
My mother of course

Comments about My Mother- By A Nine Year Old

my heart rely's on my mom
Mother is the source of everlasting love.
A good poem, thank you for may like my new poem(a song to my enemies)
Good. I could not write a poem at age 9. And such a lovely one! Congratulations! You must be talented and bright. A poetess is born! Keep on writing. I'd love to read your poems. You write better than scores of grown up Indian poets at this site.

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