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My Mother Did Not Want Me
FS (December 28,1951 / Portsmouth, Ohio)

My Mother Did Not Want Me

Not really wanted as a child,
Yet into this world I came,
Not to be a bundle of joy,
Just someone to give a name.

My Mother did not want me,
And that was plain to see,
No hugs and kisses were given,
Just get away from me.

No, I will tuck you in at night,
No, pleasant dreams my love,
The only comfort I recieved,
Was from an Angel up above.

Not aware of Heavenly things,
As I lay amidst a filthy crib,
That there was a radiant light,
That shone upon this lowly sib.

Tho my Mother did not want me,
And now will never know,
That Jesus stood beside my bed,
With his hand upon me so.

Tho it sounded like baby talk,
What I said you will never know it,
But I talked to Jesus, and He said,
One day you will be a poet.

We have all came into this world,
As a gift from above,
A living word to be heard,
And vessels filled with love.

Author, Franklin Spriggs.
To the wounded in heart.

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Comments (4)

Thank you for sharing this. You are truly an amazing poet.
Well, it doesn't matter if we are abandoned by our parents or friends... there are always other people who can accept us the way we are; give us love and friendship and paint our world with bright hues. And you have said it so well in this beautiful poem...
Franklin, welcome to Poem Hunter and thanks for sharing from your heart. Your poem reminds me of one I wrote called 'Walking Wounded'
wow. powerful, flows nicely. good work. keep it up, : ]