My Mother Died Today

Poem By Tammy Ashton

My mother died today
I don't know what to feel

I am lost
I am angry
I am grieving

Too many words unspoken
Too many harsh words said
Too many apologies not given
Too many secrets kept

No time for her redemption
No place for me in her heart

Comments about My Mother Died Today

Your bewildered mind is well reflected. How can a grieving mind be normal? Well written. Let us share our heartfelt sorrow for the bereavement of yours, with you.
I lost my mother, but what better hands can she be in than in the hands of the Lord. Love exist even if it's unspoken.
One word...Poignant.
Too many words unspoken Too many harsh words said Too many apologies not given Too many secrets kept- - - - - - It is really painful for you.You have so much remorse for you now realize that you could not open your heart to your mother which might be the cause of many discords and resulted in exchange of harsh words.You wanted to apologize and did not get chance.The poem shows your love and respect for your mother.My heart felt sympathy to you for your great loss.
i was able to feel your love towards your mom but you know what a mothers heart is so deep she will forgive you no matter what crime you have committed

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