NB (12/25/1975 / Armenia)

My Mother Is An Illegal Alien With A Body From Out Of This World

My mother is an alien.
This is true,
However what does this make me do,
Who am I, What will I be?
That is what I have been wondering?

She was so proud when I was born,
I was barely alive,
When my first cries could be heard,
Now, as I complete this assignment
We call life,
I look back,
And wonder what might have been,
If mother had stayed on her planet!

What would I if I were living there,
Would I be different, would I be covered in hair?

At this point, I'm certain,
I'm better than most,
My mother came a long ways to have,
I knew that she cared.

That is much more than many mothers today,
They all day and stay aloof,
They don't read and write or tuck their children into bed,
Why bother they say,
The government is going to take of them any old way,

I'm here to say that I'm living proof,
I'm product of a marriage made in heaven,
and a father who worked at the 7-11

by Nadalia Bagratuni

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