(March 31, 1936 / Detroit, Michigan)

The Stars

the stars are putting on a show
to entertain one another

they do not think of the magic
they have worked

they do not know the meaning
of their light

here a leaf and there a beast
populate the silence

fields of clover tint the planet
green and yellow

water runs from the mountain
roaring over rock

and here alone a man wanders
and gazes at the sky

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Comments (4)

A great poem of sensitive adoration of a great mother. Few yet rare daughters of our world can feel the pains.pleasures and deep sorrows of a mother as you could. You might have been a very nice and pretty daughter of her. Any sensitive parents would love to own you as their child. Don't know why I felt like becoming a papa to a child in you, after reading your poem. Please don't mind my remark, but I wrote what I exactly felt. I loved this beautiful and great composition of yours. Thanks for sharing the poem. A 10++++ for it. For me this is the poem of the month too. Subhas
Thin as an empty dress! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
An emotionally sensitive poem. Tender and heart wrenching. So beautifully written.
Very tender and moving-a song for my mother as well, tho our lives are very different. (I just read Piercy's Sleeping with Cats which provides a background for what is clear already in the poem.) The images are ones I'll remember (dreams running with bright colors, songs dark as blackberries, and more) . The last two verses I'll copy and live with for a while.