The New Morality


I saw a plane coming from Lisbon flying high,
It was a clear night sky; I could see a horse flying
besides the plane "did you see that" the first pilot said,
to the second pilot. Yes, it was Pegasus delivering books
to those who cannot read.
We are coming back; something is wrong, the pilot said,
The chief pilot lit a cigarette, which is not allowed,
the second officer objected it was not legal.
When the plane was ready to fly again, it had another chief pilot
the second officer had reported the old one.

by Oskar Hansen

Comments (4)

A great poem of sensitive adoration of a great mother. Few yet rare daughters of our world can feel the pains.pleasures and deep sorrows of a mother as you could. You might have been a very nice and pretty daughter of her. Any sensitive parents would love to own you as their child. Don't know why I felt like becoming a papa to a child in you, after reading your poem. Please don't mind my remark, but I wrote what I exactly felt. I loved this beautiful and great composition of yours. Thanks for sharing the poem. A 10++++ for it. For me this is the poem of the month too. Subhas
Thin as an empty dress! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
An emotionally sensitive poem. Tender and heart wrenching. So beautifully written.
Very tender and moving-a song for my mother as well, tho our lives are very different. (I just read Piercy's Sleeping with Cats which provides a background for what is clear already in the poem.) The images are ones I'll remember (dreams running with bright colors, songs dark as blackberries, and more) . The last two verses I'll copy and live with for a while.