AG (May 26,1989 / Georgia)

My Mother's Daughter

You say one thing and act on another,
Making assumptions you couldnt know.
I seem as you say, like my mother,
But there's far too much you dont know.
You say I don't know fear,
Or how hard choices are,
But I know fear when you're not here,
And I know difficulty because you're so far.
We'll be in the same room, yet miles away.
Honestly, you're the one who doesnt know.
You don't know the pain I live everyday,
Mostly it's because I refuse to let it show.
I hide so much from you
to protect you from my pain.
I wonder what you'd do if the truth you knew,
everything I hide to keep you sane.
I do this all for you but you'll never know,
Because, I can't stand that look of hurt in your eye.
So I try not to let myself go,
And refuse to let you see me cry.
I am my mother's daughter like you said,
But things with us are too hard.
So my pain is confined to my head,
And my heart that is far too barred.

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i feel this one. You hit it. right on the money. I hate the hurt i make my mother feel when she find out about my problems. yet it is amazing how much they know.