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My Mother's Day

My Mother's Day

(To Doris C. Mellers)

Written by: Wilfred Mellers, Sunday, May 9,2010, @ 4: 35 PM

I can remember back in the day

Being a youth back in Buff Bay

Our clothing you always made

School fee was always paid

Relatives never treating you good

Somehow vigilant you stood

Bearing you always with malice

Tearing down the walls of your palace

I remember growing up without a penny

Love and care we never lacked any

Our garments she would always darn

Amazing things she would make from yarn

My mother would bring me my lunch every day

That's my Mom for she is just that way

She'd chase the monsters from under my bed

She made sure her family was always fed

No words that could ever convey

The deepest love I have for her every day

Above her, I would never put anyone

She is brighter than the morning sun

She is the very source of my strength and power

Above all others, she'll always tower

She believes in me like no other

I love you for you are my mother

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a son who understands and adores and loves the mother....people think that sacrifice is the duty of motherhood.....i am a mother and i enjoyed your poem very much...the smooth flow of words and the rhyme are appreciable...