Why Lie?

Combining the creative efforts
that focused on the assassination attempts

made upon all presidents - past and future -
with the main ideals of capitalism and fears of environmental degeneration

The ozone depletion is a lie
A farce concocted by geniuses

to cover up the tracks of wheels long set in motion
We are the seekers of sight

The sightseers seeing what no others have seen
Stop all production; dumb down and unlearn

Why lie, why deceive?
corruption is easier when the corrupted are corrupt
to relearn is death, but the dead have been walking the earth for years.

by Jay W. Allen

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The scene before and after the death of his mother has been captured by the poet with complete solemnity, reverence and gratitude. Thank you, Dear Poet.
Beneath ist breast my mother lies asleep! Nice piece of work.
A soul searching experience to the readers about motherhood.
What a touching way to say, one's mother is gone and she is embraced by nature very fondly lovingly. Exquisitely worded poem. Simply fantastic. x
'Although the only one I loved was gone...' You said in Your poem And this is always True Oh, Claude You lost Your mother Your Only Beloved She was Unreplaceable You Poems are as well...
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